About us

Ike's Bookshop is a wonderland of books; past and present hug the bookshelves, fiction stares at non-fiction and teases like the Mad Hatter; everyone can see I am more real than you. The Red Queen stalks the shelf called Marxism and the Dormouse waves you into a room in which Zoe Wicomb wrestles with Lewis Nkosi and Breyten Breytenbach sneers at J.M. Coetzee or is it the other way around, while Nadine Gordimer tries to muscle into the Tea Party. 

Walk lightly through the tunnel. Make a move to the right and there is J.K. Rowling standing next to the Gender or is it "Transgender" chronicles. The debate is in full flow and will draw you in as you Potter over the Architecture of Fashion.

The Wonderland, as Jan Morris would say, is a Conundrum. There are secrets here written on the walls. And if you listen carefully the bookshelves speak of history, food, song and science.

Books are everywhere. Like Alice, they will trip you up and trap you in a dystopian fairytale.